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Delta Cadillac es la firma musical de Radio MARCA. Es rock, blues, country, folk, americana… Es tu refugio en la madrugada de los sábados y tu acompañante donde quiera que estés. Delta Cadillac eres tú que nos oyes, eres tú que nos ayudas a seguir descubriendo ritmos escondidos. Delta Cadillac es simplemente buen rollo, es simplemente Rock n’ Roll.
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A regional group says the Inflation Reduction Act signed into law this week by President Biden is a historic win for Great Lakes restoration, clean drinking water, and public health. The Nature Conservancy is accepting entries throughout August for a global photo contest. Be on the lookout this month for the invasive Asian longhorned beetle.…
What determines how long a star like our Sun lives? It’s been around about four and a half billion years, so why hasn’t it burned out yet? Also, what about all the other stars in our galaxy? How long will they live? Let’s take a look at the lifecycle and lifespan of these celestial powerhouses.Delta College Public Radio által
Bay City recently received $80,000 from the Michigan Coastal Management Program to study and engineer resilient launching access for boats and paddlecraft. A Michigan island is one of a dozen sites selected for a national Department of Energy project. And the Michigan Outdoor Writers Association has selected Midland-based Little Forks Conservancy a…
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