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Akash Thakkar interviews successful audio professionals from every corner of the music and sound industries. From educators, performers, pop stars, game audio professionals, voice actors, composers, sound designers, plug-in designers, audio programmers, and everything in between, we dive deep into the business and mindset skills it takes to "make it" in the worlds of music and sound.
Join Carri Arata, Akashic records reader, psychic sleuth, and spiritual guide as she discusses all things Akashic through my personal stories, experiences, live and prerecorded channeling with guidance from the arch angels, ascended masters, galactic family, special guests. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/carri-arata/support
In this series, we will demystify the Akashic Records, by bringing to you bite-sized contents on frequently asked questions relating to the Akashic Records. We will also explore topics relating to spirituality, as well as practical application, learnings & reflections in the Akashic Records. Each episode is jointly created with my Akashic Masters. Check out my free blog at https://asha-akashicrecords.com/ and Instagram @asha_akashicrecords. Credits to music used: Life by Roa (https://spoti.f ...
Before you can read an Akashic Record for others it's helpful to know what the Akashics is, how to navigate through it, and how to read your own. Each episode will explore an aspect of the Akashics ranging from general information on how to access it, discussions of beings who reside there and how to interact with them, tours of unusual or lesser known areas of the Akashics, healing practices, Akashic meditations, and of course discussions about the Akashic Library and your soul book. These ...
Akash Chaudhary is a Performance-driven Google Certified Marketing Professional with a successful track record of Delivering 3.5billion INR business in the last 12 years for B2B & B2C groups. Please keep in touch to learn free of cost that I've learned from Industry Experts.
Official podcast of Akasha Be Well Skincare. We will discuss all things skin to include care, routine, products, methods, and overall wellness. As a busy woman entrepreneur, I am grateful to have this life and experience the process of personal growth. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/akashaspeaks/support
A psychic and an actor having an out-of-the-box discussion with everyday people doing pretty amazing things. Leave your judgements behind and travel through the field of possibilities! Guided Meditation is incorporated into the episodes 2 and beyond. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nancy-vahling/support
The Akashic Records are the memories of God; they are the “Book of Life. We are shifting into a new era and in this podcast I am going to channel messages, information, and energy from the Akashic Records that will support you on your spiritual path. If you had the chance to get an answer to any question - what would you ask? Please submit your questions and I will answer them in one of the next episodes: https://joyridecoaching.com/contact-me/ (a new episode every week!)
Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. We are average people. We neither know the meaning of success nor fulfillment. We avoid failure at all costs. We work our asses off in office to get our salaries. We stay at our shops to earn our livelihood. We are simple people who are afraid to see big dreams. Some of us saw big dreams. But now we are back to living in our reality. By this podcast, I plan to change your reality. No I don't consider myself as an important person. But I wa ...
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#36: Today, our guest is Hrishikesh Hirway - musician and creator of the wildly successful podcast, Song Exploder. In this interview, we talk about growing up in an Indian immigrant household, the fear of side projects taking away from our main musical interests, how his studies in philosophy and graphic design in college contributed to his career,…
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