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The sacred-secular dichotomy has morphed into a techno-omnicompetent state that heralds transhumanism above the Good News of salvation through Jesus! The cosmos-world has turned to myth and the multiverse and the visible church has opted for benign conformity to the dark powers of this age (Aion).Josiah Rich Ministries által
Believers are under great pressure these days. The world has rejected the sound teachings of the Word of God and has opted for doctrines of demons. Why does the Bible command believing ones to walk by faith, and not by sight in such harrowing times?Josiah Rich Ministries által
The King (Jesus) was rejected by the nation of Israel. Jesus taught His disciples about the mystery form of the Kingdom of God and the spiritual conditions that would prevail the times between of Israel's rejection of the the King and His kingdom and future acceptance.Josiah Rich Ministries által
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