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Arrogance and pride are idolatry and therefore inherently evil. Arrogance and pride create willful blindness in the hearts of people. Those who refuse to believe the Gospel of Jesus have refused the demand of God. The wages of sin is death and the gift of God is eternal life!Josiah Rich Ministries által
When times are good people don't want to hear from God. When times are bad they desperately want a Word from the God whom they rejected when things were great. They do not realize that they are culpable for the rejected Word they despised. The world by wisdom knew not God.Josiah Rich Ministries által
Jesus is the incarnate Wisdom of Yahweh Elohim! God has wonderfully triumphed over the powers of darkness and evil men through the cross of Jesus. All attempts to negotiate another plan of salvation are destined to fail because they exclude the Wisfom of God on High!Josiah Rich Ministries által
The transhumanist agenda is religious in nature and pseudo-scientific in presentation to manipulate the quasi ill- informed. It is a doctrine of demons. New Testament anthropology teaches no such abomination. Believers are a new creation in Christ, and their destiny is to be conformed to the image of Christ. He is our collective ultimate glory! We …
The sacred-secular dichotomy has morphed into a techno-omnicompetent state that heralds transhumanism above the Good News of salvation through Jesus! The cosmos-world has turned to myth and the multiverse and the visible church has opted for benign conformity to the dark powers of this age (Aion).Josiah Rich Ministries által
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