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Hosted by Sam C. Perry, Living in Style is a destination for influencers, media pioneers, and celebrities where they will tell their story on how they achieved their level of success. We will dive into the circumstances and inspiration behind some of the biggest names, and connect my love for fashion and lifestyle to spirituality to inspire you to Live in Style.
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Living in Style with Amber Janae. In the season 1 finale of Living in Style, I talk to Amber Janae about how self-care and personal development has impacted her life and career, and the launch of The Core Magazine. We also discuss mental health and the importance of loving your whole self.Living in Style with Sam C. Perry által
Living in Style with Naty Michele. In episode 6 of Living in Style, Naty Michele shares her story of how she created and found her voice, how she is moving through a crowded digital space, and how she overcame the passing of her father. She also shares the importance of solo travel and what's next for the Naty Michele brand.…
Living in Style with Laurel DeWitt. In episode 5 of Living in Style, Laurel DeWitt tells us how she built an international brand from the ground up while working with the demand of celebrity clients. She also shares the inspiration behind her metal usage and what's next for the LD brand.Living in Style with Sam C. Perry által
Living in Style with Jérome LaMaar. In episode 4 of Living in Style, Jérome LaMaar shares his story of perseverance, how he began to believe in his vision, and how he's been able to remain centered and positive while becoming one of America's hottest emerging designers.Living in Style with Sam C. Perry által
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