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Mainstream Media, Hollywood, Big Tech: all these outlets continue to push the liberal agenda, never giving voice to Conservatives. Well, it's time for the silent majority to speak up. Tori Kimball gives her breakdowns, analyses, and opinions on the state of American politics every Tuesday and Friday. Join in the fight for a free, God-loving, and fair country with America As I See It.
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Remember when we were trying to get away from gender stereotypes? Pushing for girls to do the things typically assigned to boys and vice versa? Wel, it seems like we care about them more than ever. To the point where a girl liking blue, sports, and hates dresses means they obviously were born in the wrong body and need to transition. Let's talk abo…
What is hate speech? Who decides that? Why does it matter if the government forces someone to make a certain website? What do basketball shoes have to do with this? Free Speech is a fundamental part of the American Dream, yet its being stripped away at an alarming pace. Let's talk about it.Tori Kimball által
Candace Owens tweet about Harry Styles wearing a dress has spiked controversy. What is a manly men? Toxic Masculinity and Feminism, is it making us a more equal society? Or is it breeding contention and a battle between the sexes that disrupts who we are as God's children?Tori Kimball által
Generation Z is an interesting group to be a part of. Half of us subscribe to the liberal mob and echo the liberal main stream ideas infecting our culture. The other half is defecting to Generation Freedom and proclaiming their beliefs in conservative ideals. Our biggest problem? Speaking Out.Tori Kimball által
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