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Welcome to Elevate Your Life Experiences with Intuitive Empowerment Life Coach Sheila Boyd, a podcast that helps Enlightened Souls to elevate their life experiences. Inspiring you through Monthly Collective Empowerment Readings. Check out my website: Follow Me on Instagram: @auralillycoaching Follow Me on TikTok: Aura_lilly My Youtube Channel: AuraLillyCoaching Support this podcast:
Join me as I figure out my next move. I am a career woman, single mother of 2, love God and born and raised in NY but now in Dallas Texas.. My life is pretty simple and easy but my one complaint is, I’m bored out of my mind. Dating in Dallas feels like homework, so that’s not really at the top of my list. I’m more concerned with finding new hobby’s and creating other sources of income now that the pandemic has totally changed everything. Please follow me on my journey. Enjoy!
Want to know more about the car that is disrupting the Automotive Industry? Listen to our frequent Tesla ownership experiences. You'll learn valuable tips on getting the most out of the car as well as be entertained by our adventures. And check out our Audible audiobooks available for sale, just search for "Douglas Birk" to preview our ever growing selection!
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There's just something special about the number "69" in the Tesla Community, and episode 69 turns out to be one of my favorites where we retell the story of seeing Giga Texas for the very first time! Much thanks to Sara J Awesome and Erum who shared the experience with my wife Deborah and my good friend and Convoy partner Craig.…
In our third of a series of #MiddyGoesToAustin episodes, we interview our friend Sara J Awesome! Whether you're already a subscriber to her YouTube channel or hearing her tell her story for the first time, you'll soon know how she initially got interested in Tesla and what keeps her passionate.
In our second of a series of #MiddyGoesToAustin episodes, we visit Terry Black BBQ for TeslaCon on April 5th and interview Erick The Dream Guy (@ericthedreamguy on Twitter, search for "Erick the Goat Guy" on YouTube"). Also, we interview Julia Love, the owner of the Doge McLaren (@realjulialove @dogeclaren on Twitter).…
In our first of a series of #MiddyGoesToAustin episodes, we interview Matthew Wallace (@MattWallace1701 on Twitter, search for "Matthew Wallace Tesla" on YouTube"). We met at the Clive Bar during TeslaCon's 1st stop on their Pub Crawl. We share a passion for Tesla, Model Y, and FSD Beta. I ask what got him started with his interest in Tesla and wha…
This episode we’ll talk about a few key safety tips when testing FSD Beta, one in particular that you need to be aware of. Not all disengagement methods work the same. And, we’ll review some useful additions to the Voice Commands List!
Deployment of FSD Beta happens more often than some people realize. Faster than "Two Weeks"! Learn about this new pattern emerging and how it gives you more chances to receive FSD Beta. AND, important tips for new testers. Of course, all tips are provided for entertainment purposes only and do not guarantee to prevent accident. You are responsible …
What a privilege to become an FSD Beta Tester and a dream come true! But now, the work begins, either driving to test, or testing while driving. And I'll share what you can do NOW to join the next wave of FSD beta testers!
Many of us who have purchased or are subscribed to FSD have been waiting for this opportunity for a LONG time. I offer some dos and don'ts that hopefully should increase our chances of getting FSD beta after we "press the button". Image Credit - EveryAmp / The Artists fka LivingTesla / Eva Fox
Are the days of torquing the wheel over? Maybe soon! Could DMS, or Driver Monitoring System, truly replace touching the wheel to let Autopilot know you're there and attentive? Maybe! Listen to learn more about my experiences driving, er, letting Middy drive with my attentive supervision.
While not often, I'm getting an early look at the new Driver Inattentiveness feature in Tesla Autopilot in 2021.32.5. I'm sharing some first impressions and look forward to more details in episode 57 as I do more testing tomorrow.
Time to look back on our first year with our 2020 Model Y named "Middy". Hopefully you'll learn some key details to help you select the right car for you! Ready for order your Tesla, use my referral code to earn 1000 miles or 1600 kilometers of free supercharging!
This long overdue episode focuses on service tips, the PWS Retrofit (Boombox enabled!), PCS failures covered under the HV Battery Warranty, and our new partnership with!
While we share our "in the dead of winter" range and supercharger test results with Middy our 2020 Model Y, we also comment on Tesla's new Engagement Hub called "Engage" as well as vent a little after the Cybertruck RC pre-order fail.
Off peak charging is something Middie does all the time, and it's still as simple as plug it and forget it. Learn more about this growing trend and, if you're a Texas Tesla owner, find out how to save money charging your car at home using the same software Middie uses every night!
As a 9 year old I experienced my first Porsche ride, and driving the new 2020 Porsche Taycan was quite the experience! You'll learn if my love affair with Middie and Middy is over, and find out if the Model Y is quieter than the Model 3.
We take advantage of having Middie and Middy by performing a range test that produces surprising results. We review Ameren's Managed EV Charging Pilot that just finished along with my first impressions of Speed Limit Sign Recognition in 2020.36!
We'll share details of our recent delivery of Middy, our new 2020 Tesla Model Y. You'll learn why it's a different experience the second time around, and discover recent voice command updates, ones that don't work on the Model Y (yet), and others that don't exist anymore (that I'll personally miss!)
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