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If someone steals your thunder, they do something that stops you from getting attention or praise, often by doing something better or more exciting than you, or by doing what you had intended to do before you can do it. 若是有人搶了你的鋒頭,意思是害你得不到原先想要的注意或是讚賞,因為別人做的事比你更精采。ICRT/Jane Lee által
1) To move into batting position, to move next to the home plate in order to bat 進入打擊位置,走到本壘板旁邊準備打擊 2) To come forward and take responsibility for something; to take action when something needs to be done, even though it’s difficult 挺身而出,接受責任; 需要有行動的時候,就算很困難,仍然開始行動ICRT/Jane Lee által
Meaning: involving secrecy, deception, espionage and plotting, when people behave in a very secretive way “What is up with all this cloak and daggertalk? Is there something going on I don’t know about?” 你們在進行甚麼神祕難解的對話?發生了甚麼我不知道的事嗎?ICRT/Jane Lee által
English in the News Discuss -- It's used to say that everyone is needed in a particular situation e.g.The deadline is only 2 weeks away, so it’s an all hands on deck situation! 再兩周就要交件了,我們現在必須全員出動,全力以赴!ICRT/Jane Lee által
Meaning - A situation in which a person accuses someone of something that they themselves are guilty of e.g.You are judging me for wearing revealing clothing to a party? That’s the pot calling the kettle black, don’t you think? 你覺得我在派對上穿得太暴露?不覺得有點五十步笑百步嗎?ICRT/Jane Lee által
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