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The Breach

The Breach

Charlie Mike International

A militant Christian podcast with 6 guys from different walks of life, helping combat religiosity and bringing up the water level of your faith. The Breach is about challenging warriors of the faith to take the great commission up as their highest calling. It is supported by Charlie Mike International - an apparel company with the goal of financing missions around the world. Support this podcast:
The Breachside Broadcast contains all the Wyrd audio you could want. Tales of Malifaux explores the primary mysteries and developments within Malifaux City and the adventures of your favorite characters through the breach. Earthside Echoes explores the developments following the emergence of the Burning Man on Earth. Chronicles revisits the history of Malifaux and tells the stories of the people and places off the beaten path.
Starring Jameela Jamil and Manny Jacinto! After crash-landing on a mysterious planet with no memory and a sentient AI implant in his brain keeping him alive, a soldier searches for answers about his past. There are only four things Lucan knows with certainty: his name, his rank, that the droll AI implant speaking to him inside his mind is named Ven, and finally, that she is the only thing keeping him from dying. With no other memories or connection to their pasts, Lucan and Ven must navigate ...
Hello, I'm Danny B. I'm located in the fabulous town of LakeCowichan, on Vancouver Island, Call the Cowichan Valley home for 23 years, educated at VIU, 15 years experience of homelessness and travel across Canada. In 1992 my feet touched down on Vancouver Island, traveling from NB to BC, started living in a city called Esquimalt. As they say, "The rest is history" I put my life experiences, adventures and truths out into a thirsty world. In this podcast you will hear 'some swearing at times" ...


Breached Podcast

Each episode of Breached highlights a different issue that has been traditionally framed as an essential element of any American social contract. Over ten episodes, the podcast explores areas of American life where some sort of bargain between us – either explicit or implicit – no longer seems to stand.


Carbonite | Midroll | Spoke Media

What really happens when a hacker snatches all your data? Breach digs into the who, why and how of history’s most notorious data breaches. Hosted by journalist Bob Sullivan and producer Alia Tavakolian. Season 2 - Equifax: the worst breach ever. How hackers stole the most valuable data of 145 million people, why it matters, and what we can do about it.
Breach Your Mind is a podcast dedicated to helping people navigate the rough waters that often come in life and help them gain a new perspective on situations and issues that they may be struggling with. Along with giving advice and motivation, in-depth conversations with real people will help bridge gaps in many of this life's more overwhelming matters. With a focus on community building, listeners can write to the podcast and submit their issues or topics that they want insight on.
Soulstory is an actual play role playing game podcast (RPG) set in the world of Malifaux. Join us as our Fatemaster guides her four players into a story where steam power and magic meet horror cliché's and fairy tales. If you want to know more about Malifaux, be sure to stick around. Each episode is followed by a cast member sharing some tidbits and lore about the universe. Come for the story but be careful. Bad things happen.
Welcome to my Podcast. I'm Edwin Perez, a pastor, author, blogger and just a man who is passionate about the Gospel. Here you will find topics, interviews, devotionals, theological discussions, music and more. Check out my website for blogs, articles and teachings at
A podcast from two third-year law students who don’t have enough on their plate already. Listen as we try to navigate being a twenty-something in law school and provide advice (warnings) to prospective and current students. Support this podcast:
Welcome to Beyond the Breach. A new series about how individuals and organizations manage change – with a focus on technology’s impact on humanity and the nature of cybersecurity risk. * The show is hosted by Jonathan Reiber, a writer and security strategist who served as a Speechwriter and Chief Strategy Officer for Cyber Policy in the Obama Defense Department, and co-hosted by D.J. Skelton, a combat veteran, retired Army officer, founder of Paradox Sports, and outdoorsman. * In each episod ...
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One of the mantras that I’ve clung to from my childhood is drawn from one of my favorite toys and shows – GI Joe. Duke, Snake Eyes and the rest of the Joes always reinforced that “Knowing is half the battle.” If that’s truly the case, then the industrial sector still has a ways to go in fully combatting the impact of cyber attacks, and shoring up t…
From the writer of The Book of Eli and co-writer of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story comes an all-new sci-fi epic performed by Shannon Woodward (Westworld, The Last of Us Part II). In the near future, Earth has been conquered by a race of brutal alien machines known as the Mek. When a young woman stumbles across a mysterious map that may hold the secre…
On the heels of the recent FTX financial meltdown came the theft of millions of dollars that left thousands of investors, exchanges and others in the lurch. Hugh Brooks of CertiK shares the status of data that FTX stores, the role of regulations and best cybersecurity practices for crypto által
On the heels of the recent FTX financial meltdown came the theft of millions of dollars that left thousands of investors, exchanges and others in the lurch. Hugh Brooks, director of security operations at CertiK, shares how the funds may have been stolen and what happens által
In this week's episode, Erica chatted with William Carome, researcher at the New Zeland Whale and Dolphin Trust about his recent publication A long-term shift in the summer distribution of Hector’sdolphins is correlated with an increase in cruise ship tourism. Sources: New Zeland Whale and Dolphin Trust: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook…
Sanctification is a process, a part of our race. The finish line is not in this life so we need to stay focused on God and remember that we cannot replace what God has ordained with our manmade preferences. We need to stay vigilant of this religious spirit so we do not fall into the trap of feeling like we are the standard by which man should live …
A decade ago, ransomware was one of the internet's petty street crimes, but it has now evolved into a major threat. Tech reporter Renee Dudley, the co-author of a new book titled "The Ransomware Hunting Team," says the FBI lost ground early on in the fight against által
Despite the strategic priorities laid out by the Biden administration and initial indicators provided by the Department of Defense, it's unclear how the next national defense strategy will prioritize threats and define the primary role of the U.S. military. Chris Dougherty discusses által
Complexity is the enemy of security, and information technology grows ever more complex. Have we created a problem space in computing so complicated that we will be unable to safely operate in it for its intended purposes? Fred Cohen says that's unlikely. He discusses managing risk in the által
On a daily basis I see a tremendous amount of data and research flow through my inbox, but a recent report from Rackspace Technology really caught my attention. According to a recent survey performed by this provider of multi-cloud services and security, two of the top cybersecurity challenges facing companies is a shortage of workers with cybersec…
This edition of the ISMG Security Report discusses how Australian health insurer Medibank is facing stark consequences for not paying a ransom to a group of cyber extortionists, how to limit unnecessary cybersecurity exposure during M&A, and how to manage challenges in hybrid által
Aging medical imaging devices are among those most vulnerable to security incidents, often due to misconfigurations and a lack of security controls, says Elisa Costante, vice president of research at security firm Forescout. She discusses how vendors can reduce security risks in connected által
In this episode of "Cybersecurity Unplugged," Dr. Chris Miller, an associate professor of international history at the Fletcher School at Tufts University, discusses the cybersecurity aspects of the Russia-Ukraine war and how perceptions of the two countries may have been által
GhostSec describes itself as a hacktivist group. Formed around 2015, the organization’s initial focus was shutting down ISIS websites and infiltrating their social media platforms. Recently, the organization has been linked to politically-motivated attacks involving PLCs and other industrial controls in Israel, Iran and Russia. All of which have fo…
The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report discusses how Australian health insurer Medibank is deliberating on whether to pay a ransom to extortionists, analyzes the growing number of layoffs in the security vendor space, and shares a tribute to threat intelligence researcher Vitali által
Ironically enough, one of the biggest challenges surrounding cyber defense in the industrial sector is a lack of data – data about the attacks, the attackers, their tactics and how they were able to successfully orchestrate the onslaught of ransomware, phishing and malware schemes that are costing manufacturers millions of dollars and priceless amo…
It's no secret: As pharmaceutical companies develop new health treatments, adversaries seek to steal or sabotage their intellectual property. This dynamic adds extra urgency to authentication. Tom Scontras of Yubico talks about how the pharma sector approaches által
Security & ease of use: It is one thing for non-healthcare entities to debate these merits of new authentication in solutions. But in healthcare, where the decisions directly impact patient safety, the stakes are critical. Tom Scontras of Yubico talks about how healthcare approaches által
A couple of Karaoke songs to fit the mood and continued comedic theme of Belangers Brain Breach. Changes, Walking After Midnight, Day Dream Believer and Minnie The Moocher renditions featured. Including talk on post office trip, insecurity, tats on my face, what a trip to Japan be like and then we end the show with continued voice overs, hope someo…
Many entities fight an uphill battle against increasingly clever phishing and related scams that lead to serious data compromises, say former CIA analyst Eric Cole and former Department of Justice Assistant Attorney General David Kris, who are both advisers at security firm Theon által
I'm just putting out there the ability to change up themes randomly and on the spot. This little shot is loaded with three nursery rhymes, talk, laughter and REAL and Honest FUN. Thank you kindly for listening. Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario. Support the show…
Mixed bag of randomness and song, truth and silliness a fort night strong, I do what I can and if you want to sing along, don't be embarrassed. If I can, you can and most likely sound better than me and you should use that voice in life. Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario. Support the show…
Too many medical device makers don't pay close attention to the fine details and features of their product designs to ensure they are safe and secure, says Naomi Schwartz, a former product reviewer at the Food and Drug Administration and current cybersecurity adviser at security firm által
The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report discusses how Russian-speaking ransomware gangs have their eyes on a new target, offers the latest on Australia's data security reckoning and the government’s response, and outlines emerging trends in customer identity and access által
Cyberattacks on healthcare entities result in poor patient outcomes, including delayed procedures and even a rise in mortality, according to a recent survey conducted by research firm the Ponemon Institute. Ryan Witt of Proofpoint, which sponsored the study, discusses the által
A study by data privacy firm Lokker found thousands of healthcare providers deploying Facebook Pixel and other similar tracking tools. Those trackers reveal "medical and other data that consumers don't know is being tracked and haven't authorized," says Ian Cohen, Lokker's chief executive által
Welcome to Security Breach. Today we’re going to discus a vulnerability within the industrial sector that is essentially a product of progress. The enhanced data sharing capabilities and operational efficiencies that have been realized in establishing an estimated 20 billion device connections in manufacturing enterprises around the globe have come…
Totally a fantastic journey in honesty, openness and a chance to connect to a silly bone or two, bit of everything for everyone. Loaded with voiceovers and reality, life stories, random fiction and non fiction, its always about a grass roots conversation or a way to portray life through healed heart and eyes. I've had a very diverse and interesting…
Jason delivers a powerful message during a mens event about what it means to be a brother and how we cannot go through this life alone. We are to do life together and battle together. Every person is worth fighting for. You are worth fighting for. How can God use you to help a brother or a sister? Are we willing to hold each others arms up as the b…
Plan for a ransomware attack the same way you plan for a hurricane, says Paige Peterson Sconzo, director of healthcare services at security firm Redacted Inc. A cyber incident capable of disrupting network connectivity requires careful thinking about how to revert to the pre-internet által
Security flaws in a vital signs monitoring device from a China-based manufacturer could allow hackers to launch an attack that spreads to all other devices connected to the same network. This is among the most serious security issues involving medical devices, says Jason Sinchak of Level által
This week Erica chatted with Katie Kowarski Research Scientist at JASCO Applied Sciences about the last chapter of her thesis: Seasonal song ontogeny in western North Atlantic humpback whales: drawing parallels with songbirds. Katie shares her unexpected findings on humpback whale acoustics is the North Atlantic population.…
On October 7, 2022 two families of Bigg's killer whales, the T065As and T099s, successfully hunted an adult Minke whale south of the San Juan Islands in Washington state. We were able to document the hunt as well as the hours long feeding behavior afterwards. Bigg's killer whales in the Salish Sea predominately prey on harbor seals, sea lions and p…
CEO Yotam Segev says Cyera eschews the focus of data loss prevention tools on blocking users from pulling down data and instead embraces an approach that reduces friction. Cyera has sought to safeguard data by making preventative changes in areas like configuration, permissions and security által
The latest ISMG Security Report examines whether banks should be held liable for the rapidly increasing Zelle fraud problem, explores the latest M&A activity among IAM vendors, and discusses the implications of the new legal framework for personal data transfers between the U.S. and által
In part one of Lost and Found, Lucas McCabe finds himself being recruited by a secretive organization of explorers. Read by: Ian TravisAnnounced by: Julian SmithMusic: "Frog Secret Agent" by 3 Leg Torso (Opening & Closing), "Campfire" GarageBand Loop, "Rock the Boat" by Beth Caucci (Interstitial)Wyrd Miniatures, LLC által
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