272. Ivan Estrada: How to Brand with Purpose: the 3 essentials


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Today I’m talking to Ivan Estrada with Douglas Elliman in Beverly Hills. Ivan is not just a top luxury real estate agent, he is the Best Selling Author of Brand with Purpose.
Ivan has been featured on Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing”, HGTV’s “House Hunters” and NBC’s “Open House” as a Los Angeles T.V. personality and is continuously featured in the L.A. Times, NY Times, Forbes, Curbed LA, The Hollywood Reporter & Dwell Magazine.
Ivan come into the business an unlikely candidate for the ranks of luxury, especially in Beverly Hills. Being acutely aware this, in the beginning, what was true about him, his humble origins, being from Mexico, growing up on the other side of the tracks his father a janitor, Ivan originally covered up and kept it all a secret. As he worked hard and grew his business he came to realize that hiding who he was was actually holding him back.
Ivan shares his story and talks about how to find your passion, stay true to your story, accelerate your career, and How to Brand with Purpose.

  • 00:00 - Ivan Estrada: How to Brand with Purpose: the 3 essentials.
  • 05:17 - Ivan talks about his life story and his book
  • 08:04 - Values, Principles, and Foundation: Formula for success
  • 18:11 - What makes Ivan so awesome
  • 21:59 - How does he define principles?
  • 24:51 - Artist to CPA: How does that work?
  • 30:09 - What is the key to transformations?
  • 33:25 - Some tips on successful career
  • 39:32 - How Ivan handles the challenges in his life
  • 42:19 - What he learned when he became an agent
  • 51:00 - The Final 3
  • 52:59 - The biggest takeaway people get from Ivan’s book (Brand with Purpose)

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