Testosterone: 5 Things Every Man Over 40 Needs to Know


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You might not give much thought to the idea of low testosterone, but the moment you turn 40, it should have been a top priority. You start making less testosterone every year for the rest of your life. Low testosterone level in men can often be correlated with erectile dysfunction (ED) or sexual dysfunction. It can even cause problems such as loss of muscle mass, increase in body fat, lower bone density and declining overall health.

For men over 40, low testosterone can interfere with your health, sex life, and even your ability to think clearly.

Your risk for low testosterone increases as you get older, it's important to be aware of the symptoms. They include:

Testosterone is a hormone that's produced mainly by the testicles. It plays a role in sperm production as well as bone and muscle mass. Low levels of testosterone can affect your libido and energy level. It can also cause changes in mood and memory problems.

Other concerns:

  1. You have difficulty falling asleep at night or staying asleep through the night
  2. You wake up exhausted even after a full night's sleep
  3. You feel irritable or frustrated throughout the day
  4. You experience depression or anxiety more often than usual

Low testosterone (or low T) is when your body doesn't produce enough of the hormone testosterone. It's also sometimes called andropause (a male menopause).

If you are experiencing two or more of these symptoms, I urge you to invest 30 minutes in your health and take my online Health Assessment, then schedule a chat during your Best Next Step nutritional consultation.

Let's get some answers, I want to help!

Dr. Plank

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