June 14, 2022


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A sorozat szerzője: Chicago's Morning Answer, Dan Proft, and Amy Jacobson, akit a Player FM és a Player FM-közösség fedezett fel. A szerzői jogok tulajdonosa a kiadó, nem a Player FM, és a hangfájlt a kiadó osztja meg közvetlenül a saját szerveréről. A frissítések nyomonkövetéséhez koppints a Feliratkozás gombra, vagy másold be a feed URL-t egy másik podcast-appra.

0:00 - Dan & Amy take a grim look at the Big Guy’s economy

12:19 - Sports & Politics: SI on faith and football

25:38 - High Holy Month of Pride

40:10 - Chris Butler, pastor, organizer of the “& Campaign”, and candidate for congress IL 1st District, discusses public safety, recent shootings of CPD and his FOP endorsement. For more on Pastor Chris’ run for congress visit electchrisbutler.com

54:54 - Scott “the Cow Guy” Shellady, Markets Specialist for Market Day Report! at RFD-TV, sorts through the tumbling stock market. Tune into The Cow Guy Close on RFD-TV daily 1pm CST and 2pmEST

01:11:04 - President at Wirepoints, Ted Dabrowski, says Illinois is helping make Biden’s policy and in turn helping make this country a mess. Check out Ted’s latest at wirepoints.org

01:25:46 - Matt Purple, online editor for The Spectator’s world edition, gives his thoughts on FOX News’ “America Together” series and points to A boiling point for American violence

Check out Matt’s latest for Spectator World here

01:43:09 - Cobretti D. Williams, Ph.D., senior editor for diversity, equity, and inclusion at BestColleges: Working in Higher Ed Sucks. Here’s Why I Left.

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