39 - Millennial burnout


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Nothing screams "procrastination" more than the year it took us to edit this video after recording it! In this episode, we learn that the proper term for this is the "errand paralysis" - and it is one of the tell-tale signs of being en-route to burnout! Our society is complex and the technological advancements of the last century were all supposed to make our lives easier - yet it seems that we are under more pressure than ever to perform. But what are the metrics that we use to measure this performance? Are then even fair? Was it really easier for our parents? In this more-than-usually-personal episode, we dip our toes in these difficult questions as two millennials and argue for the necessity of a fine line between individualism vs community. In the age of self-help books, we always think we can fix ourselves, win the system, do more yoga, self-care, and win at life - but all of this is it not very useful if we live in an unhealthy community, where the measures of winning at life are not clearly defined - or even worse, they are just random - at least to a great extent.

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