Improve and Understand Your Money Mindset with Financial Expert Rita Boccuzzi


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Rita Boccuzzi joins The Business Serum today to talk about her journey to becoming the well-known and loved Mamma Rita Money. As a child she developed a curiosity about money that could not be quenched. At 18, she opened her first retirement savings account, and bought her first real estate property at 21. With her experiences and wisdom from surviving multiple financial hits including the crash of 2001, cancer including the financial debt on the side, and paying down all of her business debts while building her savings, she rises from the ashes with a wealth of knowledge to share about how to take care of your money.

Mamma Rita has built her knowledge base throughout her entire life. Then, on top of that, she invested her time and money into learning more in order to educate others. She hosts free events such as “Wine, Women, and Wealth” for female entrepreneurs to have access to the information they need to not only make money but take care of their money. She has also started and led many money education workshops and bootcamps. Armed with her mission of educating at least 1 million families, Rita is relentless when it comes to making sure people have the information they need to make the best decisions for them and their families.

We are fortunate to have Rita on The Business Serum to give tips and tricks on the importance of financial intelligence, how to conquer debt, how to enter the financial space, and most importantly the formula to money!
Here's what you'll learn:

  • Rita shares her definition of financial intelligence.
  • How can you gain more financial intelligence?
  • Learn the formula of money.
  • What is a sustainable way to get rid of debt?
  • How do women think about money differently?

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