THE SECRETS OF THE SILVER CITY - Episode 1: From Small Acorns, do Big Trees Grow


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The Secrets of the Silver City - Episode 1: From Small Acorns, do Big Trees Grow

Our first episode starts with Cuin and Ogvar pursuing the elusive Elora Greyvale. Recommended by Casper, Cuin's brother, to aid them on their mysterious mission, they have followed in her footsteps and set course for Gloomrest.

In this episode, our adventurers will sow the seeds that will flourish into an epic adventure.

We'll escort you through the rocky mountainsides of Stensia and the deep, wooded hinterlands of Kessig, sail on the treacherous waterways of Nephalia and set course for the Silver city of Thraben.

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Cast of Characters:
Yazmin the DM
Ryan as Ogvar Surefoot, the Ranger
Samantha as Elora Greyvale, the Sorcerer
Colin as Cuin De Greymont, the Paladin

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